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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 21, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking news, deadly ambush. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> two new york city police officers shot and killed at point-blank range, executed in cold blood as they sat in their patrol car. >> they were quite simply assassinated. >> the gunman posting ominous messages on social media before the attacks. then rushing into a crowded subway. >> get on the floor! >> was it all a sick attempt to avenge the deaths of eric garner and michael brown? team coverage of the shootings that have a city in mourning, a nation outraged. down for the count. boxing great muhammad ali rushed to the hospital this morning. what doctors are saying about his condition. the legend's fight for his health.
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nightmare before christmas. a big storm packing strong winds and torrential rain, even some snow expected to cause major travel hassles on the roads and in the skies, so how will it affect your holiday travel plans? and vacation to nowhere? what happened when we tried to collect on a free trip offer? our rebecca jarvis looking for answers. >> where are the complimentary tickets? >> i'll be forward with you. >> what you need to know before you plan your next getaway. and good morning, everyone. it is great to have ryan smith back in for dan on paternity leave. congratulations to dan. on what is a busy sunday morning. >> let's get right to the latest on the chilling execution of two new york city police officers. >> yeah, the senseless killings come at a time when there is a bitter rift between police and activists who have been protesting what they say is police brutality.
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we start our team coverage with abc's linsey davis at the scene in brooklyn. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, paula. police are calling it murder even though the suspect in this case will never have his day in court. it happened right here, two police officers sitting in their patrol car who likely never even saw their attacker coming. overnight new york police department officials calling this brooklyn crime scene the site of an ambush and execution of two of its officers. >> they were quite simply assassinated targeted for their uniform. >> reporter: according to the nypd, officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos were on their lunch break sitting inside their marked patrol car when 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley appeared on the sidewalk, walked up to their vehicle gun in hand and opened fire. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: striking both officers in the head at point-blank range. >> i heard it. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams and
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patrolmen surging to the scene chasing a fleeing brinsley to a nearby subway station still armed with his semiautomatic handgun. this dramatic video capturing the moment when passengers dropped to the ground in fear. >> get on the floor. >> reporter: and as the police close in, officials say brinsley shoots himself in the head. >> one perp is shot. >> reporter: brinsley rushed into an ambulance to the same brooklyn hospital as the two officers he shot where all three men were pronounced dead. the attack ending a nine-hour interstate shooting spree that began outside of baltimore 200 miles away around 5:45 saturday morning. brinsley allegedly shot and wounded his ex-girlfriend in her apartment, escaping before police arrived. at about 2:10, pings from brinsley's phone led baltimore county police to discover he had made it all the way to brooklyn, new york. the department says it called new york police to warn them of threats brinsley made online. that warning never made it to these two officers shot execution style just over 30
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minutes later. >> we met the parents of officer liu, the woman he recently married. we met the wife of officer ramos. we met his 13-year-old son who couldn't comprehend what had happened to his father. >> reporter: this morning two police agencies say new york's mayor has blood on his hands. nypd officers even turned their backs as the mayor walked into last night's press conference and former new york governor george pataki tweeted "these barbaric acts are predictable outcome of divisive anti-cop rhetoric," and then he put the hashtags for the attorney general and mayor de blasio. ryan. >> thanks so much. such senseless killings. now to more on those chilling messages brinsley posted online before heading north from baltimore where he shot his ex-girlfriend. abc's bazi kanani continues our team coverage in owings mill, maryland. bazi. >> reporter: good morning, ryan.
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baltimore county police say the woman shot in her apartment here is expected to survive and they hope she can tell them more about the shooter as they try to figure out his motive. the last facebook post from ismaaiyl brinsley seemingly foreshadows a violent ending. "i always wanted to be known for doing something right. but my past is stalking me, and my present is haunting me." investigators now combing over the 28-year-old's social media accounts to look for what led to his rampage. on a dating website, brinsley is pictured behind a camera. he calls himself a film director and free thinker. no indication of his criminal record in three states, arrested multiple times on theft, assault and weapons charges. >> we're really trying to learn as much as we can as quickly as we can about this individual. >> reporter: police say the new york native was most recently living in georgia. no details yet on his relationship with the former girlfriend he allegedly shot in her maryland apartment.
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but it was her mother who tipped off police that he was posting on instagram just before that grisly new york ambush. a picture of his pant leg with bloodstains. a picture of a handgun, references to michael brown and eric garner, who died at the hands of police, and this clear threat, "they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs." #shootthepolice. >> some of the postings which i understand that are out there would seem to indicate that he had a very strong bias against police officers. >> reporter: the brown and garner families and several of the organizers of the anti-police brutality protest immediately condemned brinsley's attack and say they are now praying for the officers' families. paula. >> bazi, thank you. we want to bring in abc news consultant ray kelly, who is the longest serving police commissioner of the city of new york. good morning, ray, under the circumstances. we really want to go over the time line.
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the gunman allegedly shot an ex-girlfriend early in the morning, and then he posted online that he was going to, quote, put wings on pigs, roughly eight hours later baltimore's pd traces his cell phone to new york. baltimore's pd then alerts, they fax, and they phone the nypd. but was enough done to alert the nypd of just how dire this threat was? >> yeah, i would commend the baltimore county police. it takes a while to sort this out. as soon as they determined that information, they contacted the new york city police department. unfortunately, it was about the same time as the assault on the officers. you know, i see no issue with the notification. >> officials do believe that the gunman was a lone wolf, but could this assassination really trigger more lone wolf incidents from those angered about michael brown and -- >> obviously we don't know. we have a history in this city in the '70s of these sorts of assassinations of teams of police officers and we saw more coming down the pike.
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actually in 1972 there were 12 police officers killed. officers have to be on alert. obviously you gather as much intelligence information as you can and put it out to officers on patrol, not only in new york city but throughout the country. >> so much fear that this could happen again across the country and speaking of that, how will this affect police forces across the country, especially in their relationship with the civilians that they're called to protect? >> well, if that question implies that somehow there will be a diminishment of police resolve or response, i have never seen it in 45 years in policing. this will not impact at all in my judgment on police response to emergency situations. it just is not in the tradition, not in the culture. >> when this first happened, what was the first thought that went through your mind, ray? >> well, as i say, i've been here a long time and i thought about other incidents like this that i've seen. we've had it throughout the '70s, '80s and we had officer eddie burn assassinated in 1989 so it brought back horrible
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memories, that's for sure. >> ray kelly, under the circumstances, we do thank you for joining us this morning. ryan. >> our condolences to the families of both police officers, as well. let's turn to abc news chief anchor and host of "this week," george stephanopoulos. >> hey, ryan. >> good morning, george. george, is there a concern that these killings could lead to a rise in tension against the protesters despite movement leaders condemning the attacks? >> yeah, they came out very quickly to condemn the attacks. i think they had to do that. one of the things we've seen with this whole debate since ferguson and the garner chokehold and now with this assassination is a real polarization in views. people really hunkering down on either side. i think this could have the prospect of increasing that kind of polarization and tension. but it's going to then be incumbent on leaders starting with the president, the attorney general, the mayor, the governor here in new york to try to bridge those gaps and do what they can to really foster a dialogue coming out of this assassination. >> you mentioned that. the president, the attorney general, both condemning the killings, and we talked about
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the protest leaders, as well. is there anything that can be done nationally to build the connection between people in their communities and the police who were designed to protect the -- >> the president has already appointed a task force to look into this including members of the police and community. i think you'll see a new emphasis on community policing and more funding for community policing, but one of the things you're seeing in new york in the wake of this attack is the police officers saying, no, right now we'll be sending two cars for every time there's any kind of an incident and muscling up even more, which is completely understandable under the circumstances, but that was one of the things that you were seeing was creating tension in the communities to begin with. >> right, so there's this inherent sense of we want to strengthen our response in some ways but that same strengthening could lead to some mistrust. >> that's why this dialogue will have to continue and as i said, the president appointed the task force to look into these matters. >> all right, george, thank you so much. george will have the latest on the police killings in new york coming up on abc's "this week" and so, george, we'll look out for that, thank you. >> george, thank you.
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and ryan, as well. and now, we are tracking some other developing stories including a health scare for muhammad ali. >> good morning to you, paula and ryan. good morning, everyone. we begin with boxing legend muhammad ali hospitalized with a mild case of pneumonia. a spokesman for the 72-year-old three-time heavyweight champion says the pneumonia was caught early so his stay at an undisclosed hospital is expected to be a short one. ali is rarely seen in public in recent years as he battles parkinson's disease. and lava from hawaii's kilauea volcano is blazing a trail across the big island. the river of fire is picking up speed scorching 160 yards from just the past 48 hours. scientists say the molten rock is about six days away from reaching a shopping center there on the big island. several stores in the lava's path have been closed and others are expected to shut their doors in coming days. and new backlash this morning after the pentagon releases four afghan prisoners held in guantanamo there in cuba. congressman howard mccuen, the republican chairman of the house armed services committee says
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the afghans are terrorists and that it was irresponsible to free them. the government, though, says all four men, three of them held for 12 years are considered low-level prisoners who pose little threat. and a dramatic crash caught on a police officer's dash cam. a georgia officer is making a routine traffic stop early friday morning. moments after he walked to his patrol car, a fedex truck drifts out of his lane and slams -- you see it there -- into the officer's cruiser. the truck driver was seriously injured. the police officer suffered a minor leg injury. his patrol car as you see there not so lucky. and talk about luck, i want you to check this out. you're going to see a bicyclist who was cruising in eastern china when he got in the way of a dump truck. the semi truck knocks him down and rolls right over him as you see right there. somehow the tires on this 14-wheel truck miss him completely as it goes over the guy. you see him. look at this. oh, wow. and amazingly he ended up suffering only minor skin bruises.
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>> oh. >> incredible. >> that is pretty incredible. >> wow. and finally, a spectacular run during a football game saturday night. i want you to take a look at this video. it's san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick going the distance. he could go all the way! he does go all the way! i stole that from espn, by the way. running 90 yards for a touchdown eluding five san diego defenders. >> wow. wow. woop. we need the other sound effect, as well. woop. >> that 90-yard run was not even the nfl record. the nfl record was set just a year ago by the raiders, my team, quarterback terrelle pryor who ran 93 yards for a touchdown. the 49ers by the way ended up losing that game. leading 28-7 at halftime. they lost 38-35 in o.t. >> it looked like a high school football game. >> yeah, it really did. >> shocking 49ers. can we now talk about jim harbaugh taking the michigan job? >> be my guest. after a bad year for michigan. >> are you excited?
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>> i'm very excited. jim harbaugh, a little confession, was my first imaginary boyfriend as a child. >> really? >> i always loved michigan. >> a bit of a hot head. i'd say. >> that's all right, though. that's all right, though. i'm very passionate about michigan football. we can hope for the best, right? >> yes, your imaginary boyfriend should do well. >> sorry, honey, to my husband. that was a long time ago. and we do have new developments -- changing pace -- new developments in the huge sony cyberattack. those hackers now sending a message that mocks the fbi for its investigation almost taunting them. abc's tom llamas has the very latest. >> reporter: this morning the group behind the sony hack apparently firing back and taunting the fbi. "the hollywood reporter" says an online post claiming to be from the guardians of peace includes a link to this page with a so-called christmas gift message written in broken english as the other leaks have been, it says in part "the result of investigation by fbi is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with
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your own eyes. we congratulate you success. fbi is the best in the world." ♪ the message also links to this youtube video titled "you are an idiot." the video shows a montage of happy faces and animated dancing. it's unclear if the video uploaded in 2006 is directly linked to the cyberattack group. "the hollywood reporter" could not verify the authenticity of the e-mail but says the message which abc news did not receive appears similar to previous ones from the gop. on saturday north korea denied responsibility for the hack despite both the fbi and the president naming the regime as the culprits. >> they caused a lot of damage. >> reporter: on state-run media the kim jong-un government accusing the u.s. of spreading groundless allegations and threatening grave consequences if the u.s. rejected their offer of a joint investigation to find the real attackers. the white house is standing by its assertion the north koreans
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hacked into sony's computers and leaked embarrassing e-mails, employee information and unreleased content. for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> all right, tom llamas, thank you for that. and now to the wild weekend for last-minute christmas shoppers -- just count them -- four days to go to buy those gift. >> oh, better get that shopping done and procrastinators are out in full force causing mall madness. you know how it is just like that. abc's gloria riviera is in silver spring, maryland. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula, ryan. well, this is the calm before the storm. but i can tell you i think a lot of people are breathing easier this morning after a successful day of gift buying yesterday. i saw men staggering out of stores bleary-eyed loaded to the gills. women checking off lists, more than one person shopping for themselves. with deals this good it was a gift for your pocketbook. they are the kind of lines that get procrastinators' blood pumping, super saturday, the last saturday before christmas and it's all about the sales,
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sales, sales. >> this sweater was $5. >> i just got the iphone 6. >> i just got a pair of shoes for 70%. >> reporter: even i couldn't resist the discounts. true confession, i still have shopping to do. i still need to buy a gift for my husband. sort of critical. so i'm going inside to see what i can find. rock bottom prices by retailers hoping to net more than $10 billion beating out sales from black friday and even cyber monday. >> they have like 60% off the entire purchase. >> reporter: best buy is slashing the cost of the ipad air by $100 and offering free shipping. stores like toys "r" us will be open starting monday around the clock until 9:00 p.m. christmas eve. kohl's already going 24/7. >> guys, i hit the jackpot. men's fashion. 40% to 65% off. this could be it. but if you are truly among the ultimate procrastinators here's a quick guide to make sure your late buy arrives on time. u.s. mail, you have to go with priority shipping express, shop on amazon and you have until
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monday for two-day shipping, which is free to prime members. aisles just filled with deals and guess what -- success. i can't tell you what it is because my husband might be watching this, but he's getting something under the tree and i got to save a few bucks. well, just a little bit of a advice if you're really one of those glad yachter bargain hunters, experts say there are a lot of apps out there to compare prices online versus in the store. also, experts say, let go of that idea you're going to find the perfect gift. it just might not happen, and, finally, gift cards are not a copout. after all, retailers already have their eye on that post-holiday bump when everyone comes in to cash in. ryan. >> that's great news. gift cards are not a copout. so i'm getting everybody gift cards. >> you're saved. you're saved. just don't get your wife a gift card, or anything for the kitchen. >> gloria, real briefly, ryan wants to know if you bought his socks for him. he asked yesterday. >> oh, the socks.
7:19 am
the socks are coming, ryan. i wasn't sure what size so you'll get about a dozen. >> i'll take it. that's good because i'm on my last pair. >> anklets. gloria, thanks for braving it again on this -- what are we cowing it, sorry sunday, sorry we waited this long. >> i like it. >> i know rob marciano has done all of his christmas shopping. >> rob. >> zero. i need the pressure. i need the pressure. and, of course, there's always that backup bag of coal in the garage just in case. i'm kidding. nobody is getting that. hey, listen, we've got a storm that's been assaulting the pacific northwest for the past couple of days and flash flood or flood warnings especially for oregon seen over 7 inches of rain in some spots and more to come today. the clackamas river for one is going to be at flood stage and there may be evacuations there. wind advisories into the mountains. we've got some winter storm warnings and advisories there, as well. this low will press inland. pretty warm storm, so snow levels pretty high but there will be snow of about or above 6,000 feet and some of that will be heavy at times and the strong winds, of course,
7:20 am
are going to press through the mountains and into the plains, as well. tuesday, we start to tap a little gulf moisture. chance for thunderstorms tuesday if you're traveling on that day across eastern texas through the midsouth and notably alabama and mississippi as this rain begins to move into the great lakes and then this storm kind of broadens out and does strengthen quite a bit. it's going to be mostly a windmaker. and if you're on the east side it's going to be a warm wind for sure and some heavy rains. christmas eve is not going to be a good travel day especially across the east coast, not only for the wind but for the rain that will be heavy at times along the i-95 corridor and the back side of this thing will see a little snow. some folks north of chicago will see a white christmas and much cooler towards friday. by the way, winter officially arrives at 6:03 p.m. eastern time. so that will put you in
7:21 am
>> they have parties in sweden for the winter solstice. or maybe it's the summer solstice. anyway, a short day today. and nobody is getting coal from me. >> coal actually turns into diamond under pressurization. >> how long are you willing to wait for that? >> not long, but coming up on "gma" -- >> a long time. >> coming up, we do want to tell you who gunned down a tv weatherman and why. was it a random shooting or was he targeted? the new tips pouring in. and a free vacation offer arrives in the mail. sounds too good to be true? might be. we investigate. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. merica" is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less.
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♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> oh, i feel it. >> elton john, we can all feel the love tonight. we can actually feel it this morning. that song is ringing true. he is making a big move inviting the public to watch. good morning, america. i'm paula faris alongside ryan smith. we're going to have more on elton john's announcement coming up. big congratulations coming his way. also ahead, maybe you got a letter in the mail about a free vacation and you wondered if it was too good to be true. you got to see what rebecca jarvis found out about this one. >> but first this half hour trying to crack the case of the weatherman gunned down in texas. his co-workers are assisting police trying to figure out who shot him and why. this morning, new tips are pouring in along with the details about how the gunman got away, and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the very latest. good morning, mara. >> reporter: paula, good morning. police say they still don't have
7:31 am
a motive for the shooting. this as the manhunt continues. the gunman hasn't been spotted since the attack, and now officials are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his capture. this morning, police say the man in this sketch is still on the loose. >> good morning, temple. >> reporter: three days after opening fire on texas weatherman patrick crawford in the parking lot of waco tv station kcen. eyewitnesses rushing to his aid. >> he said, i've been shot, i've been shot. i'm in terrible pain, help me please. >> i heard the pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. as much as i'm in this business and that kind of stuff happens all the time, i never thought it would happen here. >> reporter: new details emerging about the shooting. police now saying the suspect possibly ran off into the woods after firing 13 rounds at crawford as he was getting into his car. three hitting the weatherman. >> went and got some paper towels out of my truck and we held those on his wounds and five, six minutes later the
7:32 am
state trooper showed up. >> reporter: crawford survived even helping create this detailed image of his attacker. and at the station where he and his wife are meteorologists -- >> now here is our heat index. >> reporter: -- friends and colleagues say they've been inundated with tips after airing the image nearly nonstop. >> we're going to do everything we can to help the police find this person. someone out there knows who this person is. >> for him still to be out there and kind of nobody knows where he went, and that's frustrating. >> reporter: crawford, who is still at the hospital recovering, says he does not know the shooter. >> whether this was a random act of violence or if it was a personal act of violence we don't know that. so we're just going to still follow up and follow up every lead we can. >> reporter: crawford had surgery for the bullet that struck him in the abdomen. officials say he's recovering well and even checking his fantasy football lineup from the hospital so at least he's doing better and we certainly hope for a full recovery there. >> 13 shots fired. >> 13 shots fired and, again, he says he doesn't know this person. the police say they don't have a
7:33 am
motive. >> frightening. >> really frightening. >> yeah. mara schiavocampo, thank you. >> yeah, rooting for him. now ron has more on our top story. good morning, ron. >> hi again, paula, ryan, rob, good morning everyone. the nypd reeling after the cold-blooded assassination of two of their own, two officers were shot at point-blank range in brooklyn. the gunman posting chilling messages online threatening to attack officers. he later killed himself. and a new message reportedly from the sony hackers. "the hollywood reporter" says the hackers posted a message online taunting the fbi. this as the u.s. is asking china for help in responding to the cyberattacks linked to north korea. and the 17-year-old son of chicago mayor rahm emanuel was mugged near his family's home on friday. police say two men grabbed zakharchenko emanuel and took off with his cell phone. finally, this is a great story. a california homeowner was overjoyed when animal control workers called to tell her they found her beloved dog cocoa stolen from her lawn.
7:34 am
but when she got cocoa back, she had to do a double take because cocoa had been returned a darker cocoa shade of gray. >> you don't even see the resemblance. >> animal control -- >> that was a professional job. >> identified because of a microchip. why someone would steal a dog and dye it another color, i don't know. >> to hide it. >> well, you know they say brunettes have more fun. i'm not really a brunette. >> over here, so -- >> oh, my gosh. all right. >> weird one. weird one. guys, a little bit of weather. we've got christmas week coming up. a little storm. we're going to discuss that. first off though it's a live shot to you from asbury park. yeah, let's do it. cue the boss, "stone pony." let's do it. play a little bit of bruce springsteen. and we'll do jersey style. 30 degrees currently so it is chili out there for the tri-state area and temperatures will probably not get out of the 30s. here is the storm we're talking about. we'll start it off for tuesday. that's the day it's
7:35 am
going to start to crank up as far as intensity, pretty slow mover. we'll look for severe thunderstorms probably across the gulf coast and then we'll begin to put it on the move for christmas eve and start to increase those winds on both sides of this thing so wind delays at the airports from midway, o'hare back through minneapolis, detroit and boston and new york and then also rain issues across parts of the i-95 corridor christmas eve. it will be all rain i think and snow a little bit behind this thing and then christmas day it all moves out. this all -- coming from a piece of energy that's now moving into the pacific northwest, heavy snow is expected in the inner mountain west so fresh powder for those who are vacationing on this christmas break. >> oh, if only you saw the things that happen during my weather forecast.
7:36 am
this weather brought to you proud by by macy's. you know, guys regardless of the christmas weather in your neighborhood, to brighten your day and make it merry, check out this sneak peek of disney park's "frozen" celebration. ♪ it's a holiday party parade. a tradition that is bigger and better than ever. >> disneyland is the most magical place on earth. and what better place to celebrate christmas than here. >> the happiest place on earth hosting disney park's "frozen" christmas celebration. a parade unparalleled with floats, fame and festivities filled with familiar faces all set to air on abc christmas day. >> merry christmas. >> "good morning america" has the exclusive sneak peek where robin and i will take you behind the scenes in hawaii, california and florida. >> you can't have a disney "frozen" christmas celebration without a parade. >> with olaf, elsa and anna with our favorite singalongs from "frozen." ♪ love is an open door >> reporter: rock around the christmas tree with train,
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trisha yearwood, gavin degraw and ariana grande. ♪ last christmas i gave you my heart ♪ >> the man with the big and all your disney favorites sure to make your christmas morning a little more magical. ♪ this year >> it is a big singalong christmas day. don't forget to tune in to disney parks "frozen" christmas celebration christmas day at 10:00 a.m. eastern day. ron is already setting his dvr. >> you're a big deal hosting that show. >> i know. i do what disney says and it's a good party. >> all right. >> you say that ominously. >> no, no. >> yeah. >> i love it. >> all right, rob, thank you. and coming up on "good morning america" you wouldn't say no to a free vacation, would you? well, wait till you see what rebecca jarvis found out about those offers that so many of us get in the mail. and kristen bell and dak shepard make a big announcement all up ahead in "pop news." make a bill announcement all up ahead in "pop news."
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'tis the season for a holiday vacation, so when you hear about an offer for a free plane ticket and a hotel room, you may be tempted to pack your bags, but before you do, check out what we found with our hidden cameras.
7:42 am
abc's chief economics correspondent rebecca jarvis has more. ♪ >> reporter: 'tis the season for giving and traveling, so when two free airline tickets anywhere in the country plus two nights in a hotel show up in the mailbox, it may seem like holiday cheer. we're on a mission tracking the anatomy of a free vacation runaround. the retail value of this award is up to $1,398. there was just one problem. when we googled the phone number we were supposed to call, we got this, complaints and lots of them from people who received letters just like this one. so we decided to schedule an appointment with this mystery company. i received a letter in the mail telling me to call this number -- to claim our free trip. i stay for a 90-minute presentation and get two tickets. sounds like a good deal. on the day we sent two abc news producers wearing hidden cameras to attend the seminar and pick
7:43 am
up those free tickets. >> well, good afternoon. how is everybody doing? >> reporter: what we found is a relentless sales pitch that lasts more than 90 minutes. >> guys, let me break it down for you. >> reporter: when it becomes apparent our producers are not willing to sign up, they're moved to three different locations with three different salespeople each trying to get us to sign up. >> welcome aboard. >> reporter: over two hours after we walk in the door, we're still empty-handed. >> what's up with the tickets we were promised? >> reporter: we're eventually given these vouchers for a free trip. that's not a trip. >> well, it's an activation form and we sent in $150 only to get more offers asking for more money. >> reporter: 15 days after sending in our activation form, we didn't get tickets in the mail but instead a solicitation for more money. it's been about two months since we first met ppv travel in long island. now we've tracked them down in new jersey. we saw some of the same familiar faces from that first seminar. how are you? i'm rebecca jarvis with abc news. but they quickly left leaving us with this guy who calls himself thorn.
7:44 am
i'm not seeing any free tickets, nothing complimentary here. >> it is complimentary. they are free gifts. they are complimentary. >> reporter: where are the complimentary tickets? >> i'll be forward with you. we give a 90-minute presentation. if you attended the presentation then this form was signed. >> reporter: the company claims that the free gifts are fulfilled by an outside company and they're not responsible for fulfilling the trip. >> reporter: we sent in the money. we got these. then we were told if you want the ticket, you have to pay an activation fee for $59 a person. >> which was identified -- >> that's not complimentary. >> it was the form that you were promised for coming in. if you read the small print on the back -- >> reporter: thorn requested a second interview in his offices but neither he nor anyone else from ppv travel ever got back to us. so we still don't have that complimentary hotel stay for those complimentary tickets that we were promised and now we've been offered a new deal, but still no tickets. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york.
7:45 am
>> it's the old saying, right. if it's too good to be true, it probably is. >> yeah, it probably is. all right. we can just go to rob's house for christmas, right? >> come over. i have free gifts. just a 90-minute talk that will put you to sleep. >> coming up on "good morning america" -- you just made me choke -- elton john taking the leap straight ahead with sara in "pop news." we do feel the love this morning. don't we? >> we do. >> we were feeling so much of it. ♪ where we are then we will do it all together. treats! teets...teets...teets... yeah, look at this! it seems like the best family traditions.... always start in the kitchen. happy holidays from rice krispies.
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[ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. ♪ every time. >> every time you got to dance to that music. >> we've just been handed an urgent memo time for "pop news." >> sara haines, we want to feel the love tonight. >> breaking news right now. okay. first up, it's a girl for dak shepard and kristen bell. a little girl.
7:49 am
the "parenthood" and "house of lies" stars are the proud parents of their second baby. kristen and dak seen here at the los angeles premiere of "the judge" picked an unusual name for their little one. dad tweeted "delta bell shepard is here. she doesn't look like kristen bell or me but we'll keep her anyway," and mom chiming in with this picture saying "the estrogen has now hit critical mass. good luck, dak." they have a little girl named lincoln at home. >> yeah. >> congrats to them. >> they would be the most fun parents other than melissa mccarthy if i could come back as a little baby, i want to be kristen bell and dak shepard's baby. >> she would sing to you. >> mama. another couple with their own life-changing moment. elton john and david furnish are tying the knot today. the couple hinting they might make the move after britain legalized same-sex marriage earlier this year. they're already in a civil partnership and have two sons and rather than shooing their fans away for a private moment,
7:50 am
the couple sent out an online invite where they can catch live updates of the ceremony being held in their home in england. instagramming their picture saying it's a nice day for a wedding along with the shoes share sons, who are the ring bearers, will be wearing. isn't that cute? >> very cute. >> so another big congratulations. >> they're big shoes. >> those are big shoes. >> size 10? what is that? >> maybe their shoes. those are big boy -- >> that's your investigative chops coming out. >> i'll make a couple calls to ltj. >> i love to talk about hangry as i tend to get angry when i'm hungry. it's a thing. maybe you know the feeling. you really won't like me when i'm hangry. you guys have seen me a lot. a recent study showed -- found that married couples get increasingly angry and mean with each other when their blood sugar is low. they gave couples voodoo dolls and measured how much anger they displayed toward their spouse. people were more likely to stick pins in theirs. >> oh, man. >> oh.
7:51 am
>> so to my work husband i was a little upset. there was low blood sugar this morning and i did this. >> we helped you out. >> that's so mean. >> sorry. >> i'm trying to help you here. >> ron is throwing a bowl of m&ms. >> eat, eat, please feed her. okay. >> this is quite a news team you got. >> we're not done. >> we're on the air, still, guys. >> time can solve that. so, i deserved all those m&ms. because i did this to ron, i'm so sorry. >> did it hurt, ron? >> it does hurt. >> i think you are still bleeding here a little bit. >> little love pokes. >> thank you. >> if you believe that, you've got bigger problems. >> a lot of love. >> okay. do you like it? >> may i have it? >> it has my name on it. >> i think we're going to put you out of misery and we'll be right back. sara, that's beautiful. >> ow! it hurts. >> we'll be right back, everybody. i've always loved exploring and looking for something better. that's the way i look at life. especially now
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is
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brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> great. hey, apparently things are being done to a voodoo doll. >> stop interrupting my weathercasts, ron. >> happy first day of winter. >> yes. >> yes. >> happy sunday. >> 6:00. 6:03, right? >> yes. >> watch out for those m&ms.
7:57 am
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>> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week," breaking news. assassination. two new york city police officers killed in an ambush. the gunman's chilling last message and a shocking allegation from police. >> that blood on the hand starts in the office of the mayor. >> announcer: sony hack attack. new details on the federal investigation. how will the president respond? and after all the outrage, will sony now release the film that started all of this? historic breakthrough. the firestorm over that major shift on cuba. and the new battle brewing between gop heavyweights marco rubio and rand paul. this morning, senator rubio is here. >> announcer: from abc news, "this week with george stephanopoulos" begins now.


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